The Cleavage Flasher Strikes Again

Wearing what can only be described as a Unabomber outfit, this babe in an oversized hoodie decided to express herself with a naughty sext. Leaving lots to the imagination, this cutie took out her iPhone and took a sexy shot of her body. She didn’t do it to see what she looked like, but rather to tease and please boys from across the world. I think you’ve done just that, young lady. She is most likely not wearing anything underneath her clothes. I also notice zero tan lines and a very bronzed up boobie area. That leads me to believe she tans sans top (topless, if you will). That case looks like a Hello Kitty one too. Oh and why is her crotch area so dark? Is that a shadow, black panties or a hairy muff? LOL.

PS: You’re almost running out of toilet paper, perhaps you should use that box of tissues if you happen to run out.

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