So Skinny And So Topless

This sexting cutie pie is completely topless. That’s right, she has no shirt on whatsoever. So she is not even flashing her boobies, but is just not wearing anything. She is though covering her nips with her hands, giving us the old hand bra routine. She is wearing some Disney pijamas but that’s all she’s wearing. She does not have a hard stomach, as there is no 6pac there, but she can get one if she worked at it for a bit. She is skinny as hell though. This girl also has some nice curves. I also like the size of her boobs. It’s rare to see such a skinny gal with anything other than an A-cup. Oh and she is totally anonymous so that her friends won’t find out what a dirty girl she really is. Don’t worry Jessica at UCLA, your secret is safe with us.

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