Monster Cleavage Shot

Hold on to your pants for this one. This anonymous sexter submitted this picture of herself. She is anxious to know what the world thinks of her body. However she wanted to remain completely anonymous. That’s too bad, now I can’t tell if she’s a butterface. Anyways, from the veins on her arm I can tell she is super skinny. She also has a tattoo on her finger. Hmm that’s strange. Her nails are also painted kind of weirdly. This girl confuses me. What doesn’t confuse me is her big tits. Now even though she’s wearing a thick sweater and a bra underneath, I can still tell that these are fake tits. I’m not a real big fan of big fake boobies, but I actually prefer to see fake tits fully clothed, because the best part of fake tits is the big cleavage it creates.

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