Hottie Ready To Go Clubbing

Does it really get much better than this? Here is a drop dead gorgeous babe, a blonde with black streaks in her hair. She has a white iPhone. Now this is not the long awaited and rarely seen white iPhone4, but instead an iPhone 3GS. But enough of the iPhone. Sorry, I love the iPhone and I’m what I like to call an iPhone freak. Nevertheless, I love me the womens too so back to the topic at hand here. This girl is wearing a blouse, check that, it’s a dress, and she is ready to go clubbing. Where in the world is she going? Well it has to be either Los Angeles (blonde hair, plump lips, tan skin), Las Vegas (that’s where all the party girls go) or South Beach (lots of sexy clubs in Miami Beach). Either way, I wanted to point out that you can see her nipples through her blouse, which are called fripples or pokies. This means she’s not even wearing a bra. Now just look at her legs, those are to die for. Just another inch and we would get to see whether she’s wearing any panties. If she’s bold enough to go braless in that outfit she might just go pantyless too.

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