Chunky And Curvy Girl

Oh damn this one took me by surprise. It’s a pretty chunky chick but damn she is fine. She’s not fat or anything, you can see by her side profile that while she doesn’t have a six pack, her stomach isn’t really big. It’s a bit on the flabby side, but it’s all good. So then we look at her junk in the trunk. That’s a mighty fine ass she has and it’s perfect for some screwing in the style of the dog. Her thong has no hope of containing her monster black booty. Now for her boobs. I’ve saved the best for last. She hasĀ  huge tits, I’d estimate that these knockers are a double D. But what makes these titties so good is that they are freaking natural hooters. You can tell because her bra is too tight and her boobage is spilling out of her shirt. Her ta-ta’s are totally as soft as a temperpeudic mattress.

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