Bikini Babe Sext

Our next sexter is a hottie in a hot pink bikini. This girl knows how to accessorize because she even has her nails painted in the same color as her bikini. She must have lots of time on her hands. In fact, she had so much time that this cutie decided to take a self shot pic of herself and share it with her Facebook friends. What followed were a series of Likes and comments. Everyone was saying how she had such a nice body. There’s nothing sexual, naughty or dirty about this picture. So it’s not really a sext, is it? Well anyways, I noticed her Hello Kitty case, lots of girls have those. She also seems to have a death grip on her iPhone while taking the picture. It’s so hard to take a pic with your iPhone, isn’t it? They should have a button on the side or something, like a real camera does. If Apple did that, I’m sure I’d have twice as many iPhone sext pix as I do now.

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