Topless Wonder Woman Costume

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Popping The Titty Out

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This young lady is a prim and proper babe who, while very attractive, has a lot of self respect for herself. She refuses to send sext messages to guys who talk to her. She always keeps her chats very civil and never crosses any lines. But then one day she let her guard down.

This babe, let’s call her Amanda Barnes, wanted to be a flirt a bit to attract a guy’s attention. So she got out her smartphone and snapped a quick boobie pic. She just popped out one of her tits, so it’s all good she thought. She told him to please delete the picture and later regretted taking it in the first place.

Well he said okay I’ll delete it, but he didn’t. Instead, he sent it to this blog just to humiliate her.

Let Those Hooters Hang

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This picture was never meant to be shown to the public. It was stolen from a hacked plastic iPhone 5C. There was no fingerprint sensor on her phone and she had left it at Starbucks one day. Well a very helpful employee got her phone, downloaded all of her pictures and then called a few of her contacts to ensure she would come back to pick up the phone. How nice of him.

But this prick didn’t just want to see the topless pictures of this real amateur babe. This dude got his rocks off by sending me the picture so I could post it. So here you go anonymous Starbucks dude,  you got your wish. Here she is, a true amateur babe, a real Latina with a huge set of hanging hooters.

User Submitted Ex Girlfriend Pic

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My Ex GF Is A Model

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What is she modeling, her tiny tits? This blondie lied to her man about just going out with the girls. When instead, she had gone out with a male friend. Turns out, this male friend has a big dong and knows how to use it. This blonde showed up late to a date with her bf and he got suspicious. Then when he fucked her, her snatch was loose. That’s when he knew she had cheated.

So he sends me this pic of his ex gf, claiming she’s a model. Well I don’t know a damn place that would hire some bleach blonde girl with tiny tits and tats.

College Coed With A Perfect Body

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Those were the days. Back in college, this babe took a ton of selfies and sent them to her boyfriend. It was a long distance relationship. Well this horny college girl couldn’t contain herself and cheated on him. So of course he wanted revenge and sent me all these pictures of her. This is my personal favorite.

You can see this college coed completely naked, showing her perfect tits, her flat stomach, her smooth pussy and her gorgeous legs. What a sight to behold.

Pigtails And Big Tits


Here’s a European babe  who is new to the whole sexting thing. She still does it old-school style. She uses a digital camera to take naughty pictures of herself, such as this topless shot. Then she transfers the picture to her computer before she sends it to her boyfriend. Well make that ex boyfriend because he’s the one who sent me this beauty.

She is an all natural babe with a pair of D cup breasts and pigtails. Perfect for holding onto while banging her from behind. Too bad she is a fatty though.

Dirty Blonde Sexting On Yahoo!

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